Software Integration

Software integration is quite possibly the most difficult and time consuming issue to deal with when transitioning to a new shipping company. Our staff here at iAccess Global Mail understands these complexities. Should you decide to ship with us, please prepare yourselves for seamless integration as we will have you up and running with compliant USPS international shipping labels in less then 3 business days.

Software highlights include:

High Speed Web Based Software.

Print Compliant USPS tracking & labels right from our website or from any of your existing workstation PC's.

No hard drive reconfiguration necessary to any of your existing workstation PC's as our data transfer Mapping Technology will adjust to your business. 

Customized Global Shipping Software specifically built to meet the needs of today's most experienced high volume shippers.

IGM Shipping Software is easy to use for new international shippers. 

Foreign translation is available for your shipping labels.