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Keeping customers happy is a fundamental rule or principle of great business.

Bottom Line: We need buyers to stay in business! 

Due to the complexities of global shipping, keeping your international buyers patient as they receive their orders in over 230+ Countries around the world also requires skill, hard work and a lot of international shipping experience. The decision to hand your packages over to a new shipping company is a big one! Your new shipper can quite possibly make or break your business! Our staff here at iAccess Global Mail understands these concerns as well as the importance of excellent customer service and timely shipping. 

Each Country around the world yields many different variables to find successful delivery to its citizens. What is more, each Country has its own set of rules, requirements and regulations with customs entry. Have you had customs issues in the past or serious concerns with unexpected delays or costs during transit? Are you worried or intimidated about the complexities of international shipping ? Look no further as our high speed web based software will have you up and printing compliant international shipping labels in less then 3 business days. Additionally, our custom built automated software yields built in customs forms and additional international paperwork which will help secure delivery in any Country of your choice. 

Managing your international buyers in this process has its own set of equal challenges as well. Do you have experience with handling international buyers? Do you know what it really takes to keep international buyers happy for repeat business? At the end of the day, no matter how good we are at shipping, handling your buyers with great care is critical as you need their trust to cut down the threat of charge backs, excessive returns and repeat emails per day with buyers asking the same questions. We as international shippers realize these concerns since we will only be as successful as the retailers that we work for. Whether you are a experienced, intermediate or novice international shipper, it is important to understand that we can always get better to learn and understand a better way of doing business and treating customers in a fair, respectful manner. Our staff here at iAccess Global Mail is here to help cut down the complexities of international shipping as we also offer our advise in the business of excellent customer service since you as a seller will be dealing with many different personalities from a variety of different backgrounds on a daily basis. We are here to help you grow! 

Should you decide to give us your business, you are not only investing in a software company that ships packages overseas. Rather, you are investing in a shipping company that understands what it takes to succeed as a international online business. There is no class, book or export seminar one can take which will prepare you with the correct tools needed to be successful in the real world of international on-line retail and international shipping. 


We are a Results Driven business! 

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